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Bread and pastries are always a very important element of an on board meal and some passengers even rate the carrier by the quality of their bread rolls! 

We can offer a wide range of top quality bakery products to suit your client and these can be presented in an assortment of oven bags to save time, staff and wastage.  

These include an assortment of French pastries and cakes with a shelf life of up to 60 days.  Our Danish pastries are frozen and have a shelf life of 360 days. 

Our selection of over 30 frozen fully-baked mini rolls are available individually packed in oven bags or mixed to offer an assortment of 12-15 rolls ready to warm up on board.  We can supply 16 bags in a box. 

That’s all your bakery problems wrapped up!

Hot snack


Our award-winning tapas and antipasti platters are proving popular with passengers all over the world. 

Traditionally served before a main course and an essential ingredient of any Mediterranean kitchen, this gourmet collection of premium cured meats, speciality cheeses, dips and olives are simple to serve in a box or on a platter and are perfect as a sharing option. 

For a truly impressive meal solution, our platter tray comes with a range of options including Lonza prosciutto, Serrano ham, Beef salami, Iberico cheese, Provolone cheese, Iberico Cheese and Manchego.  Additional delicacies can include hummus, mini fuets, sundried tomatoes and green olives with a delicious assortment of crackers or grissini. 

Special meals


You simply make your selection from the range of products and flavours and leave us to do the rest.  The shelf life of these platters is up to 62 days.  

Our extensive snack range is designed as a complimentary offering and Buy on Board for passengers and comes in all shapes, flavours and sizes. Bites and crisps include pretzels, nachos, olives, bread sticks and our nut selection can be custom-made in individual packaging and different weights range from 40-60 gram.  

Basically, any snack goes and we are happy to work with you to supply a mini bite or a satisfying healthy mini meal to be eaten at leisure.



Our hot snack range is designed to meet all tastes and dietary requirements.

Winner of the prestigious Onboard Hospitality Award for on board snacks is our box of Fries in the Skies. Easy to heat to create a tasty crispy treat.

Our popular frozen pizza and bruschetta range are designed for their simplicity and appeal with a shelf life of up to 450 days. A choice of ham & cheese or caprese panini make an ideal small snack.

Our German currywurst is proving a great success, featuring a (pork or turkey) sausage served with a traditional German curry sauce in a simple-to-heat tray weighing 200 g. Usually served with fries or a bread roll, the ambient dish has a shelf life of up to 180 days.
Hot pots are a great solution for people on the move and you can never go wrong with serving pasta or risotto in these simple attractive cartons. Each weighing 70 gr with a shelf life of up to 420 days, snacking couldn’t get simpler.

With the increasing demand for Asian-fusion food, our noodle cups come in a range of vegetable and protein flavours in addition to our Asian style instant ramen pots.



Embark on a journey of flavor and convenience with our in-flight snack boxes, tailored to elevate your travel experience mile-high. Start your adventure with our breakfast selections, including protein-packed granola bars and refreshing fruit assortments, ensuring you’re energized for the journey ahead. As you soar through the clouds, indulge in our allergen-free treats, from crispy veggie chips to satisfying nut-free trail mixes, providing a delicious solution to mid-flight cravings without worry.
Feeling the need for a mid-air boost? Treat yourself to our array of gluten-free cookies and decadent dark chocolate squares, perfect for a delightful pick-me-up at cruising altitude. 



Our culinary offering also boasts ambient meals. These present numerous advantages such as an ambient shelf life of 180 days and optimised (airline) oven proof packaging. The technology used to prepair these meals helps to conserve the exceptional freshness and nutritional values. 

* Reduced food waste
* Simplified non-frozen supply chain
* Same quality as a frozen meal

Cold snacks


Considering the limited options of guaranteed allergen-free meals for adults and children. Foodcase and our partners have worked tirelessly to create the right delicious allergen-free recipes, a dedicated free-from environment for production, distribution, and allergen guaranteed onboard experience for passengers. These meals are suitable for all travel sectors, from plane to train and cruise. 

Foodcase looks to cater for the needs of the Special Meals passenger.  The rise in food allergies, special dietary needs and different lifestyle choices require a new way of doing things. Many companies cannot guarantee their meals from being allergen free and have the much-maligned alibi statement or ¨May Contain¨ caveat, making them unsuitable for passengers travelling with food allergies.



When it comes to desserts we have everything covered.  Our production facility is able to produce mousses, crumbles and fruit pots in accordance with dietary needs, Halal regulations and gelatine-free for everyone to enjoy.

We can tailor make desserts to suit your requirements and offer a flexible range of pots in different sizes. With a shelf life of up to 540 days, these mini portions of puddings and cakes make a popular and simple sweet option.

For a more substantial pudding option we offer a choice of 70 gr cheesecake, rice pudding and salted caramel and chocolate biscuit servings in stylish easy-to-serve mini pots.

Simply a delicious sweet selection.



Welcome to our vibrant world of beverages, where each sip tells a story of freshness, flavour, and craftsmanship.

Discover a symphony of taste with our signature juices and smoothies, crafted from the finest fruits. From the zesty citrus to the luscious berries, each blend promises a refreshing burst of natural goodness. 

Elevate your coffee experience with our Santan Coffee curated by skilled baristas. Sourced from premium beans, it boasts rich aromas, bold flavours, and velvety textures. Our dedication to craft and quality ensures each cup is a journey of indulgence. Join us and savour moments of pure delight, one sip at a time.

Company profile


At Foodcase we love everything to do with travel F&B and we consider ourselves experts in all aspects of its production from conceptualization to distribution. 

The industry describes us as a ¨one-stop shop¨ and worldwide distributor of everything you need to feed travellers on board from snacks to pastries, from ambient ready meals to specials meals for all cabins. 

All this is made possible through our close association with more than 400 dedicated manufacturers and brands throughout Asia, EMEA and North America. 

We are also passionate about sustainability and make it our business to ensure that we meet the highest standards from manufacturing to production; packaging to distribution. 

Through our unique relationship with the world’s foremost Food Science University Wageningen UR, we also have direct access to the latest research in terms of creating smart food for a greener world.

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